“Animals Downunder” can combine experience and industry 'know-how' to provide and co-ordinate the best trainers and best trained animals for film, television, stage & special events in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. We have also recently gained valuable experience and contacts in the northern hemisphere and feel that our operation can now offer a Global service. Feedback indicates that there are many specialists in our industry, but not a complete and cohesive professional service which can source, coordinate and guarantee the best– this is where we fit in!
Whatever your explicit need, we can supply......
  • Consultancy Services
  • Experienced Wranglers for Horses, Livestock & Domestic Animals
  • Transport vehicles from Horse Trailers to Goosenecks, & Heavy Vehicles
  • Budget Breakdowns
  • Script Breakdowns
  • Conceptual Input
  • 2nd Unit animal action direction
  • On-Set Co-ordination - Animal Department
  • Overall Horse Department Co-ordination
  • Trainers (horses, exotic animals, domestic animals, birds, marine wildlife)
  • Horse Hire eg: Lead Horses, Horse doubles, background horses & animals, Harness horses, & Stunt horses
  • Exotic Animal hire - Handlers & Training with actors
  • Marine Animals - Handlers & Training with actors
  • Background Livestock eg farm animals, cattle, alpacas, water buffalo & more………

The possibilities are infinite....

Stock Horse “Guard of Honor” - from 2 to 100 horses fully mounted carrying the Australian Flag

Musical Horse Displays (Quadrille - precision rides to music)

Various Liberty Horses - for working at Liberty, lying down, bowing, rearing etc.

Horse Drawn Vehicles - we have a huge range of horse drawn vehicles ranging from the very old to more modern types of buggies etc.

Working Dogs - Border Collies, Blue & red cattle dogs, kelpies, terriers etc

Bikes, Quad bikes with riders & their dogs

Cattle - shorthorn, longhorn, bullock teams, buffalo - our cattle have been in public displays ie. Australia Day Parade thru the streets of Brisbane & Outback Thunder Arena Spectacular

Rodeo work – from the Rodeo Clown to Steer wrestling, bucking horses & bulls, Barrel Racing & all events involving Rodeo work

Stockman riding his stockhorse or walking with his dog reciting Australiana poetry

Trick Riding Displays

Exotic Animals ie Lions, tigers, elephants

Domestic Animal Displays

Any “Special Request “ - we'll find it for you!

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