“McLeod’s Daughters”

– starring Lisa Chappell (Claire McLeod), Bridie Carter (Tess McLeod) Aaron Jeffery (Alex Ryan), Myles Pollard (Nick Ryan), Sonia Todd (Meg Fountain)….

Drover’s Run is a large cattle property 180km from the nearest town and 400km from the city. It has been in the McLeod family for generations, passed down from father to son…and now to daughter. Series three of McLEOD’S DAUGHTERS continues the unforgettable saga of Claire and Tess – with this season seeing the beginning of one life, the end of another…and the continuation of the great adventure of ordinary women living an extraordinary life.

“Animals Downunder” spent just over one month in South Australia working alongside the infamous Willoughby brothers. We supplied and wrangled two of our horses for the episodes - the Ghost White Horse and the young thoroughbred, which Nick had broken in and handled for the Veterinary.

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Beastmaster Series I, II, III

Alliance Atlantis (USA), Coote Hayes (AUS), Tribune Ent Production. This series was shot over 3 years and based in Queensland (Warner Roadshow Movie World Studios, Gold Coast)

The Beastmaster series is a Fantasy tele feature. Dar (Marc Singer) teams up with Seth (Tony Todd) to rescue his brother. It seems that the boy was captured by the evil Lord Agarn, who keeps youthful by sacrificing young prisoners. Along the way they meet a beautiful witch who promises to help them and a blonde warrior who goes along with them. ~ Brian Gusse, All Movie Guide

Tony Jablonski (Animals Downunder) was Animal Co-ordinator & Horsemaster responsible for a huge and diverse range of animals and their trainers / handlers from your exotics…tigers, cubs, lions, elephants to ferrets, wolf like dogs, horses, unicorns, alpacas, snakes and free flying birds. To bring together such a large array of animals involved many times Governmental Departments ie AQIS, Parks and Wildlife.