“The Proposition” 2005

Soon to be released in Australia. Shot in Winton, Central Queensland with a world acclaimed cast including Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, David Gulpillil, John Hurt, David Wenham & Emily Watson.

Set in Australia in the 1880s, the film opens in the middle of a frenzied gunfight between the police and a gang of outlaws. Charlie Burns (Guy Pears) and his brother Mikey are captured by Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone), together with their psychopathic brother Arthu (danny Huston) they are wanted for a brutal crime. Stanley makes Charlie a seemingly impossible proposition in an attempt to bring an end to the cycle of bloody violence.

“Animals Downunder” – were the Horse Department Co-ordinators, as well as suppling the riding horses, stunt & liberty horses, stage coach and camels, Emily’s buck board and harness horse, wranglers and stunt riders.

“Koala in the Kitchen” 2004

A German production partly shot in Qld (Kalbar area). The story of a young boy who befriends a Koala whilst visiting in Australia, he manages to stow the Koala in his backpack & take him back home to Germany.

“Animals Downunder” – were Animal Department Co-ordinators for the supply of “Gilbert” the Koala and his kangaroo friend. We must give a huge thanks to Stewart Andrew, Warner Village Theme Parks for his handling with the Koalas.

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